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If you have never worked on Operations at Kingsnorth you may not understand some of the stuff on this page. If you have worked on Operations at Kingsnorth you may not understand some of the stuff on this page. If you're not sure that you're ever worked on Operations at Kingsnorth, this will be right up your street.

"Experience is the ability to recognise a mistake when you make it again"

I'll bet he's got a dungeon in his attic !

We can call him 'B.K', .... bag nicker !

Just over a year, about 11 months!

When I was a teenager back in my twenties.....

Shouldn’t put all your apples in one basket.

The joint of meat is bigger than I gave it credit for.

I think I'll call it a day for half an hour.

Even though it's blunt it's still sharp.

He's flying close to the wind.

That pressure's diving right up now!

I can hear what you are thinking.

Just hold in the "D" relay!

I'm upstairs down below.

The ACME valve controls the coolant pressure. (ARCA)

Off the top of my head I can't remember.

The perceived perception.

I lost all channels last night apart from a few of them.

The only thing that we are sure of, is that we are not sure.

Don't mince hairs (is that like splitting words?)

If things don't change they won't change.

This is a coal powered fire station.

Is that a plastic glass?

Question - How are you Dave ?

Answer - I'm fit as a lock!

"A mere speck in the ocean"

"You can hide but you can't run"

"They were wearing tee shorts and shirts"

"You've just hit the chestnut on the head"

"Its a non stick adhesive"

"We will come to that bridge when we come to it"

Some boo-boos from the show Family Fortunes can be found on the ukfunnypages site

Anyone got a caption for this ? (click to enlarge)

"That's been an intermediate fault on and off"

"I'm not paid to make mistakes"

"Did you know that there no Amps on the 'D' RAP?"

"Yes, mate, its out of service"

"If you find a fire there can you put it out"

"That's taken the thunder out of my sails"

"There's no element in that kettle, its cordless"

"It's crashing like a rocket"

"You can't bite the candle at both ends"

"Can you try the 'E' for Apple mill again?"

"This mill is jumping around like a stick of dynamite"

"Leaks?, yes there are more than one"

"If it's blocked, we will have to unblock it"

"That went down like a lead brick"

"It's as quiet as a bell"

"Why not just let lying dogs lie"

"Fruition of your fruits come together"

"He's too big for his feet"

"I've been pointed in a specific direction and I'm going round in circles trying to find it"

"That's the point where it reduces up"

"Donald Sutherland? Is he still dead?"

"Ł3, that's a ballpoint figure"

"you could be a dwarf, a really tall one"

"I'll say yes to that because I don't know"

"I don't want to get involved in making the tea, I've got the snots"

Question - "Was that a yes or a no?"

Answer - "Yes it was!"

"Is that watch multi-bilingual?"

"I'm just a pawn in a pack of cards"

"I can't do the OLOS, I haven't got a bike"

"He's the bee's boo..." whoops, can't publish this one, rhymes with....frolics

"You've only got to move it 6 degrees every night to get porn" (Satellite dish!)

"Running around like a blue arsed chicken"

"The Amps are grinding"

"...and I'm going bald!"  (collector of watches)

"Chicken tikka masala without any sauce please"

"I see they are building houses opposite you, are they going to be brand new?"

"Its handy when its cold, you can wear a coat with more pockets"

"Keeping his eye on the pulse"

"Is it evergreen all year round?"

"The DA level is 3 metres and 3 inches"

"It can do one of two things, go up, go down or stay as it is"

"Silly as a ducks arse"

"The turbine is running smooth as a nut"

"It will take just under two hours, about an hour and eighty minutes"

"Slightly lower than the other one as the crow flies"

"Its a big country as the crow flies"  (same originator as the last one funnily enough!)

"I'll be in all day Monday morning"

"The annual yearly event"

"Keith was wearing them spatulas up his legs"

"Its square but round"

"You will be kept informed when we come out of the long grass"

"Increased load due to the inertia of the mills"

"He's a glitch manager"

"It's a risk business"

"I can hear what you are saying"

"It's a constant variation"

"I thought it was his wife but it turned out to be his dog"

"Circumstating your way round Cambridge"

"Pinching branches from an acorn tree"

"Prudence is a virtue"

"Sorry, I meant the electrical hand isolators"

"Your name is going down in lights"

"Not wishing to be perjubient or should that be pedantic?"

"Them rebels in South America, the cointreaus"

"It's very closely adjacent to"

"Shouldn't the steamer (MSFP) be racked in to get availability?"

"His heart is in the right place but his mouth isn't"

"Are we completely 95% sure about that?"

""He's a bit like a mother duck or should that be goose, oh don't put it in the ...... book"

"Incidentally by the way"

"My lips are tied"

"Are these burners above each other?"

"He records it then watches it live later"

"They confrontated each other in the street"

"Not wishing to be pedantic about the geography of the HP heaters but...."

"I would go Bob but I've just put fresh overalls on"

"Varying degrees of differences"

"I'm in a catch 29 situation"

"Nobody has been remotely near it"

"He's as deaf as bat"

"You've got more chance of falling out of an aeroplane and landing when you hit the ground than...."

"It's as flat as a door nail"

"What we want is a cup of coffee like that cup of tea"

"Its a corner fired, direct contact furnace"

"He went red as a banana"

"Is that sweat or have you just walked under a puddle?"

Question - Would you like to get your teeth into something {Operators first name} ?

Answer - Yaaaah, {another Operator's second name} !

"I hate my hair straight when it's not curly"

When you heard the bang, what sort of a bang was it?"

"Are you the Unit three type person?"

Question - "Is that a 2 kW fire?"

Answer - "No, it's a plug-in type!"

"It's possible to get wet water in the steam"

"I've got to look after my waistline" (Hopefully the originator will admit to this one day)

Question - "Can you hear that {Operator}?

Answer - "I can but not when I'm talking"

"The guy that cuts my hair is a Postman"

"Goes in with both feet blazing"

"Sharp as button"

"The penny has just clicked"

"That's another notch in his book"

"We haven't seen much of the invisible man lately"

"So I've been understood to believe"

"I said to you in all earnesty"

"Come back Den, all is forgiven"

"Can you, yourself or Les give the Unit a ring?"

"Doug is a Mickey Mouse man"

"I know it's wrong but I did it right"

"The Unit's been steady as a nut"

"Try the adjacent tubes next to them"

"With a tepee on his head, oh no, not the book, I meant turban!"

"The drum swings have smallened"

"I've checked the furnace and the 'A' side is black, the 'B' side is blacker!"

Statement - "I've drained 50 gallons out of it"

Question - "Where did you put it?"

Reply - "In an old 45 gallon drum"

"How do you spell 'M'?"   (as in Bony M, crossword answer)

Stare at the cross and imagine it's a Saturday night shift at 03:00hrs.....seem familiar?


Well done, you made it, took longer to collect them than to type them !