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As from 1st January 2006 the Muse is open to anyone who has ever worked at Kingsnorth.

To be listed on the Rollcall certain details must be provided, they are -

            1. Forename

            2. Surname

            3. The department, section, team last worked

            3. Start year and End year (will be '2013' if there when it closed)

A picture and contact email address are not obligatory but would help to add  interest.

bullet By e-mail, pictures saved to your computer from a digital camera or scanned in from photographs. Just create an attachment of images in an e-mail addressed to ezuubb@virginmedia.com and send details of names, dates etc would be appreciated.


Details for the Roll Call list can be submitted in the same way as the pictures, names and Start/End dates submitted by anyone can be entered but I need permission to add a personal picture and contact details.

Please visit the guestbook site and leave a message on the board, use the area to contact people from the past, write ideas, comments, criticisms about the this website or simply 'leave your mark'.